A Holiday Miracle

I narrowed it down, remembering I had gotten gas at the local QT less than 24 hours earlier. It must have slipped out of my pocket when I got back into the car.

Oh great. Visions of my debit card laying on the ground in a puddle of muddy snow and ice popped into my head as I decide to head back to that same QT. What were the odds that someone might actually have picked it up and turned it in to a cashier (or worse)? Perhaps I should simply rush to the bank and immediately cancel it.

Years ago, we were big fans of the TV sitcom, “The Office.” Steve Carrell had the main role of Michael Scott and Rainn Wilson played the earthy odd-duck, Dwight Schrute. One holiday episode highlighted Dwight bragging about “accidentally” hitting a duck with his car on the way to work. He exclaims, “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” as he eagerly drooled over his newly-gifted holiday feast. To this day, we still exclaim (tongue-in-cheek), “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” whenever we spot a coincidence or semblance of luck – no matter the time of year.

I decided to take my chance on the kindness of strangers and headed back to the QT. As I walked up to the nearest cashier, I asked, “This may be a crazy question, but did anyone happen to turn in a lost debit card yesterday afternoon?” After asking the requisite “name” and “color of card” questions, the cashier checked his register drawer and shouted, “Cathy Davis, come on down!” as he held up my debit card.

The guy in line behind me says, “It’s a Christmas Miracle!”

The kindness of strangers is Alive and Well in STL!

No matter what Holiday you celebrate this season,
may you always be blessed with an abundance of miracles!


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