Aspiring Author Awareness

Aspiring authors LOVE to imagine what it would be like to hear the words, “We’d love to publish your book!” It would mean all the late-night worries and endless hours writing their manuscript were not in vain . . . and more importantly they can say, “somebody likes me!”

Unfortunately, in today’s world of publishing, you can’t always trust those words to be credible or without the metaphorical hidden landmines.

Anyone on this planet can call themselves a “publisher” and each and every one of them will have their own definition of what “publisher” means.


Printing companies are not publishers. Printing companies will sometimes say they “publish” books. What this really means is that they PRINT books (a large quantity, by the way) and leave it up to you to distribute and sell your book. You will usually get a cheaper price per book the more you buy, but why would you want a garage (or basement) full of books that you haven’t sold? This is not a slam against printing companies . . . my first job right out of college was at a printing company, which gave me the on-the-job education I needed for that side of the book industry.


This can definitely be a “Buyer Be Aware” segment, where authors pay-to-publish with sometimes less-than-experienced suppliers, and less-than-professional results. These one-stop shops can include printing companies offering deep discounts on unnecessary large quantities of books and warehousing. Some in this category have little-to-no experience in the publishing industry and rarely offer distribution.

How it Works

  • Authors pay a reduced fee to fund book publications in exchange for assistance.
  • Royalties are then paid to the Hybrid Publisher who keeps a percentage of your royalties (divided between you and them) until your remaining fees due to them are paid in full. Authors receive a better cut than a traditional publishing contract but will make less than Author Assisted Publishing.
  • Regardless of promises made, books will rarely be stocked in physical retail outlets.
  • The selling is up to the author. Some offer paid marketing packages, assist with the book launch, or offer paid promotional opportunities. They can get books distributed, but it’s rare that books are pitched to retailers.
  • Some services call themselves “hybrid” because it sounds fashionable and savvy.
  • Avoid companies that take advantage of author inexperience and use high-pressure sales tactics
  • Most do not care about the quality of content and rarely include editing services
  • Each service has its own distinctive costs and business model; secure a clear contract with all fees explained. Such services stay in business because of author-paid fees, not book sales.


One of the FREE services we offer is to read your pending (unsigned) contract with any potential publisher and offer you a bullet-by-bullet commentary with questions you need to be asking.

AUTHOR BE AWARE: We recently reviewed contracts for TWO different authors who each had been approached by the same independent publishing company. Hidden in the fine print was the option for this publisher to be able to SELL their content to whomever they wanted, including movie producers, WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. The publisher would receive the income from such a venture and pay you a percentage, determined by them.

YES, we’d love to help you publish your book, AND we guarantee you’ll . . .

  • Retain 100% of your profits
  • Receive 100% of your royalties
  • Maintain 100% of all copyrights (to infinity and beyond)
  • Establish credibility
  • Attract more clients
  • Access global distribution
  • Minimize your investment
  • Maximize your return

To schedule a private call to learn more, or to discuss a pending contract you’d like for us to review, please forward a copy of that contract to [email protected] and she’ll help you schedule a time to talk with Cathy.


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