AUTHORS: Are you writing The Soapbox, The Struggle, or The System?

So, you’re writing a non-fiction book to help market your business. FANTASTIC!

Not sure how to organize it or where to start? We can help!

Most successful non-fiction business books use one of three starting points:

1. THE SOAPBOX: You have a vision . . . you have a mission . . . and you are willing to offer an opinion to engage others. Step up on that soapbox and shout your message to the world!


2. THE STRUGGLE: You’ve overcome extraordinary odds and have lived to tell the tale. Now is the time to share your hero’s journey, and inspire others who may feel knocked down and are struggling to find their way.


3. THE SYSTEM: You are in the business of helping others, and you’ve developed a fool-proof, step-by-step process or plan of action.  Use your book to outline your process and support the overall big-picture message of your business.


Now is the time to share it. Let others see you as the expert you truly are!

We have the team to help. Let our professional writing coaches, editors, proofreaders and book designers bring your book to life!

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