Out of Chaos Comes Clarity. Out of Clarity Comes DARITY.

I’m sitting in a waiting room for my appointment with my Integrative Bodywork Therapist. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, she is a licensed Physical Therapist with lots of extra training in Body Energy . . . a great combination of traditional and new-thought therapeutics. My visits with her (when I am the patient) are much like taking your car in for a “body alignment” . . . very similar to a chiropractor, yet with slightly different intensive training.

I glance over at the single-panel promotional card which Davis Creative designed for her about a year ago, and the headline caught my eye . . . “balance, clarity, release” . . .

Yes . . . I originally selected the font, but as I’m reading it today, I saw, “balance, darity, release”.

DARITY? What the heck is DARITY?

So, I decided to have some fun while I was awaiting my appointment, and play with this new-found word so see what I could come up with. 

If “Out of CHAOS Comes CLARITY,” then it only makes sense that “Out of CLARITY, Comes DARITY.”

I un-officially proclaim DARITY to be the essence of DARING! The feeling which follows clarity . . . right after the “AHA”!

With enlightenment, or DARITY, there is always a feeling of NEW ENERGY, a new purpose, a new direction.

DARING is quite the buzz-word as of late, gaining international notoriety when used by author Brene Brown in her highly-acclaimed book, “Daring Greatly.” We all want to feel DARING . . . and yes, we all want to wake up with DARITY!

So, if we break DARITY down into parts and pieces, and convert to an acronym (one of my favorite games), we get . . .

  • D = Direction. Every great first-step begins with a direction in mind. What is the next best FEARLESS step you can take today to move in the direction of your BFA goals? (Hint: BFA is another acronym for Big Fat Azz.)
  • A = Action. It’s great to identify where you want to go or what you want to do . . . but until you take ACTION, you haven’t actually made a commitment. Dare to take ACTION in the direction of your dreams.
  • R = RESOLVE. A firmness of purpose . . . an absolute commitment to making it happen. Resolve provides the stamina to continue to take action AND move in a positive direction with DARITY.
  • I = Intuition. Remember to listen to your gut . . . those voices in your head . . . the angels swirling around your shoulders . . . WHATEVER or WHOMEVER it is that fuels your spirituality and inspiration.
  • T = Trust. This is a big one for me. I learned very long ago that TRUST is one of my life lessons for this time around. If you are like me, I’m learning to not only trust others and trust the process, but to trust myself. Take a chance. Dare to trust. Yourself.
  • Y = YAHOO! Personally, I like to celebrate with a glass of Champagne . . . and friends . . . Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate are pretty good, also. But, remember to include the friends . . . your support team. They make it all worthwhile and are there when you need extra reminders to claim your DARITY.

Yep. That’s what we do.

We help you find your DARITY and help you push through to success.

Are you ready to claim your DARITY?

We Brand, We Design, We Publish.

We Take Your Business to the Next Level.

We help our clients write books, help more people, and make a difference on a daily basis. 

How can we help you claim your DARITY?

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