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PRICING FOR "Clarity Out Of Chaos"


Clarity Out Of Chaos:
Finding Our Way When We

Can’t  Always See the Path


Our trusted, professional consultants lead you
to greater clarity, confidence, and connections! 

With over 17 years in business, we've helped more than 600 experts, speakers, trainers, and consultants become authors who have maximized their reach and impact through the power of publishing.

Combined with a team having decades of corporate branding and communication experience, there’s no better option to get started with publishing your own book than a chapter in an anthology organized by Davis Creative Publishing Partners.

Select from either the
level of participation . . .

$997 THROUGH JULY 31, 2021
$1097 THROUGH AUGUST 31, 2021
$1197 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

At the HIGHLIGHT level, we’ll guide you through
every step of the process to get published.
As a HIGHLIGHT author, you'll get to . . .

  • Add “published author” to your credentials…instantly increasing your expert status and ability to get booked on virtual opportunities like podcasts and online summits.
  • Receive guidance from a professional writing coach — not sure what to write about…or even how to get started? You’ll receive two hours with our Writing Coach who specializes in helping people like you craft their chapter to highlight their expertise in a memorable way.
  • Take pride in having a professional cover and interior layout design of paperback and e-book…never worry about your book looking DIY. Professional-level cover and interior design of your chapter and the entire book builds your credibility and establishes you as the expert you truly are.
  • Gain access to a new network immediate . . . as an author in the anthology, you gain access to a private Facebook group with all of the authors. Each of those authors have a following — a tribe — that you gain exposure to by being an author is this book. As part of the process, we also host a virtual meet-and-greet to facilitate meeting other experts for future collaboration. You’re not launching alone!

Participating Authors Receive Benefits VALUED OVER $7000!

  • Add “published author” to your credentials
  • Experience the excitement of participating in a professional publishing program
  • One 1500-word chapter
  • Two hours (per author/chapter) to work with a professional writing coach; (copy development beyond two hours may incur additional charges)
  • Professional cover and interior layout design of paperback and e-book
  • Two rounds of author revisions (layout stage)
  • One round of professional proofreading
  • Private Facebook group with all authors for sharing updates and ideas (mandatory for program communication)
  • Book Marketing Guidance
  • A pre-launch social media campaign
  • 3-D and flat images of the book for your personal marketing purposes
  • Mini e-book PDF of your chapter for marketing purposes/lead generation/relationship building
  • “Top 100+ Book Marketing Ideas” (pre-launch, launch, and post-launch)
  • International Book Launch, October 21, 2021
  • Over 40,000 distribution points, including Amazon
  • Library and Bookstore accessible
  • Reduced-rate, authors-only distributor pricing on all book orders

INCLUDES Amazon Kindle Bestseller Campaign!

  • Pre-launch and day of the launch strategy calls. Discover exactly what to do before, during, and after you hit bestseller to leverage and maximize your campaign. Personalized strategy and timeline development for you and your powerful launch. Sample language and blurbs you can use in social media, emails, newsletters, and videos to build out and support our ebook launch.
  • Continuous Campaign Support: Personalized and dedicated support throughout your bestseller campaign (typically complete in 24-48 hours). Our marketing team and promotional partners come alongside you promoting and sharing throughout their combined reach of 10-million+ to support you and your book in becoming a best seller.
  • Media Exposure: Highlight article(s) about "Clarity Out Of Chaos" in International e-Magazines.
  • Clarity Out Of Chaos will launch and make you a Best Selling Author!


Bring A Friend DISCOUNT (BAF) and Save!
Invite a friend and you both save $97 each!
Contact our office to access your BAF discount.

You'll have everything you need to write your chapter with clarity and
confidence  . . . 
and participate in a professional INTERNATIONAL book launch!


$1497 THROUGH JULY 31, 2021
$1597 THROUGH AUGUST 31, 2021
$1697 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

At the SPOTLIGHT level, we’ll guide you through every step of the process to get published. As a SPOTLIGHT author, you'll receive MORE opportunities to tell your story, share your offerings, and SPOTLIGHT how you help your tribe (an additional $3000 VALUE!).

Includes everything in the HIGHLIGHT Level . . . PLUS . . .

  • Up to 500 EXTRA words for your entry . . . stand out with a longer chapter (2000 words maximum)
  • SIX free paperback books shipped directly to you
  • A Spotlight entry on the "Clarity Out Of Chaos" Author Highlight Page with a post-launch dedicated social media marketing campaign, directing audiences to this page. This includes your bio, photo, contacts links, and a link to your freebie(s) for further interaction with new followers, leading to the potential for long-term client relationships.
  • A 30-minute YouTube interview on the Creative Publishing Partners Channel for additional long-term reach and publicity
  • Spotlight email to the entire Davis Creative Publishing Partners database of over 6,000-plus. As part of the promotional campaign for the book, enjoy a solo email dedicated to you, your business, and your chapter. Your Showcase e-news feature gives you an extra boost with a dedicated message to a targeted new audience.


Bring A Friend DISCOUNT (BAF) and Save!
Invite a friend and you both save $97 each!
Contact our office to access your BAF discount.

What we need from you . . .

  • NOW
    • Your commitment to the project deadlines and signed contract reserves your chapter and secures your chapter sequence.
    • Your commitment to participate in helping to promote the book via social media and your contact list.
    • Contact JULIE to reserve your chapter. Chapter sequence is determined by the order in which you join the book.
    • You'll be invited to our private, Authors-Only FaceBook group (mandatory for program communication), and invite you to check in with us there on a daily basis. This will be where you receive group communications about the project and can ask project-related questions.
  • AUGUST 2021
    • Forward your professional headshot to Julie Hohe. 300dpi minimum, 2” x 3” minimum size (do not crop).
    • You will be working with Kay, your Writing Coach, to craft your 1500-word  to 2,000-word chapter and finalize your 150-word bio. If you need help STARTING your chapter, please reach out to Kay early . . . she can help you get started! Your involvement in this program includes 2 hours of her time to help you start/tweak/complete your chapter for final publication. Any additional time required by Kay will be discussed in advance with you and Kay and invoiced at $75/hour at the completion of your chapter.
    • Please forward Kay your FINAL, Author-Approved 1500-word chapter AND your FINAL, Author-Approve150-word bio, including actual HTML social media links, in the order you prefer to be contacted. (These links will be live in the e-book, so it is important to include the actual HTML links.)
  • SEPTEMBER 2021
    • You will receive a DRAFT PDF of your chapter to approve.
    • Approve the final PDF of your chapter and place your order with Julie for personal copies of the book.
  • OCTOBER 2021
    • Your commitment to participate in helping to promote the Amazon Bestseller Campaign / Kindle launch via social media, and your e-newsletter contact list
    • Day-of-campaign visibility on social media, sharing, liking, loving, and all that social media interaction throughout the day
    • Paperback goes live and book orders are placed for shipment to authors.

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