Get Noticed, Create New Connections,
and Build a Buzz for Your Business

Expand your reach with a new audience of people who are looking to hire a professional . . . just like YOU. When you share your personal story, you build rapport with your reader and they are subliminally invited into your "Know, Like, and Trust" funnel — even before you officially “meet” them. Make a lasting impact for years to come as you engage with your new audience, connect with your other co-authors, and add "Bestselling Author" to your credentials!

"Clarity Out Of Chaos:
Finding Our Way When
We Can’tAlways See the Path"

The “Clarity Out Of Chaosanthology is your chance to share how you have reacted — and survived — when YOUR life, YOUR career, YOUR path has been interrupted with a U-turn, dead-end, or one way street . . . those definite BIG BUMPS in the road of Life. My guess is that you are the one who finds a way around (or through!) these obstacles rather than letting them get the best of you and wear you down.

Top 10 reasons for writing and contributing a chapter:

  1. You and your business get introduced to all of the other authors and their lists of contacts!
  2. Your struggle and ability to overcome life’s obstacles could very well be someone’s roadmap out of darkness.
  3. Your humor and outlook on life become the bright spots in someone’s day.
  4. Your experience simplifies an intimidating “next step” and shines a light on how to step up and shine.
  5. Your knack for story-telling gives someone a brief escape into a wondrous new world.
  6. Sharing your story helps to create a stronger bond between you and the reader.
  7. Your life perspective brings hope and a plan for what seem to be insurmountable problems.
  8. Your voice matters. Sharing your wisdom may be the answer somebody needs.
  9. Wisdom not shared is wisdom lost forever!
  10. We help you write your chapter!



We all know it’s now harder than ever to stand out online. Everyone has gone virtual in the last few months . . . and it’s completely changed the way we do business. The way we connect with our future clients may have changed, but there are still countless opportunities out there. Now, more than ever, you want an edge — something extra to make you stand out.

And that’s where the additional title of “Bestselling Author” can hold power. Adding "Bestselling Author" to your credentials will only enhance your credibility and expand your reach to existing and NEW clients. You can reach those new prospects through the power of publishing.

An anthology is simply a collection of essays with a common theme, providing you the chance to be a published author — without the financial expense or time involved in writing an entire book on your own. Through the process of collaboration, more people learn about you and your unique offerings, at a greatly reduced price.

If you wanted to write your own book, hire trusted publishing partners to help you write and publish it, PLUS coordinate your Bestseller Campaign…you’re looking at a minimum $7,000 - $10,000 investment. But as a contributing author to this anthology, you get the same expanded-reach marketing campaign with all of the benefits of a global launch…and you only need to write one chapter! The power of publishing provides the opportunity to stand out, get noticed, and remain relevant.


You've been thinking about writing a book . . . but may not be sure where to start.
Start with ONE chapter in the "Clarity Out Of Chaos" Anthology!

Our primary goal is to give our authors opportunities to shine. Having published over 15+ anthology collections over the last decade, we know quite a bit about streamlining the process, minimizing your investment, and maximizing the positive marketing impact you receive. When you join us for the “Clarity Out Of Chaos” anthology, you’ll also be joining other high-profile, influential, and empowering authors, each offering their wisdom and experience for making this planet a better place for all.


A professionally-published book helps you engage a larger audience and build your "tribe."

  • Establish your credibility
  • Inspire more people
  • Project a professional image
  • Develop greater visibility
  • Attract, retain, and solidify Your client base

How do I use a book to market myself?

  • Add "Bestselling Author" to your list of credentials
  • Introduce yourself to each of the other authors AND to their list of contacts and connections through joint-venture possibilities
  • Purchase books at reduced-rate author pricing (at any time: now and in the future)
  • Sell your books from your website for a profit
  • Sell your books at the back of the room when speaking
  • Use the PDF of your chapter (included) as a free download to generate new leads
  • Use your book as a free give-away during Zoom meetings
  • Include your book with your webinar/online workshop and increase your pricing to cover the cost of the book plus shipping and handling
  • …and more!




Readers LOVE stories.

Potential clients love hearing about how you have helped someone else find solutions and solve problems. What does your potential client wake up in the middle of the night worried about? Share a story that SOLVES THOSE PROBLEMS and you are on your way to creating a relationship with that new client.

As a contributing author to the anthology, you'll work with our professional Writing Coach to help you craft your chapter. You’ll spread your message and share your unique offerings through your own individualized chapter, while you expand your “tribe” and inspire others.

You’ll be a part of a project and a book that sells you AND your business. Be the expert you are and be introduced to larger and unique new audiences with the collaborative reach of an anthology. Your book is a marketing and branding tool, and we’ve been helping authors successfully leverage this unique opportunity for almost 20 years.

As a contributing author, you keep the copyright to your own words and can re-use your content in your blog, email, e-news, etc.


Interested? Learn more about being a Collaborative Author . . . 

"(Cathy) created the Anthology Series business model as means of
promoting and supporting women business owners around the world.
(Her) expertise allowed us to bring our book, "The Anatomy of Accomplishment"
from concept to the bookshelf. (Her) leadership allows women everywhere an
opportunity to participate in the empowering world of entrepreneurship."
— Erin Joy, Founder, CEO of Black Dress Circle®


"Working with you was one of the best decisions I made
around getting my book published. Immediately after publishing
my book, (you) invited me to join an anthology filled with other amazing
authors and I was thrilled to be part of the amazing “Bright Spots” book.
Not being a natural author, (you) made the entire process easy and understandable.
I think I have become addicted to writing based on my experience with (you)!"
— Connie Whitman, Whitman & Associates, LLC


"I was excited to be part of a team that guided me every step of the
way from initial idea brainstorming to promoting the finished book.
The training, networking, and support did wonders for my confidence and
allowed me to use the experience to share with my professional network."
— Mary Nunaley Co-Founder, The Lavender Dragon Team, LLC


"Anthology books are a true form of Collaboration. You and other
authors write your stories, promote your book which gives you exposure
to all the other author’s contacts as well as yours. It is a true win-win-win
situation for everyone – the readers, the writers, and the publisher."
— Joanne Weiland, Chief Collaborations Officer, LinktoEXPERT


"I was honored to be included with many other women who
seek to help women become empowered. Through the guidance of
Cathy and her staff, I got feedback that was helpful and encouraging.
I loved the process and enjoyed meeting many other great
authors who shared their stories to help others."

— Derlene Hirtz, You Empowered Services


"Doing (an) anthology with Davis Creative was overall a great experience.
I at first hesitated to sign up thinking it was going to be a huge time commitment.
I was glad Cathy made the process very easy and it didn't take as long
as I thought it would. If you have a story you want to tell (you know you do!)
I would highly recommend Davis Creative to help you tell it."
— Lisa Bianco, Power is Within Coaching