CreateSpace/KDP Transition

If your book is on Amazon, you may have received the notices this week from Create Space about their transition with KDP and how it affects your book(s). If you have not yet read those emails, please find them and read them.

If you have not yet received any emails from CreateSpace about your books, you WILL, eventually. They are rolling out these changes so as to not overload their transfer system (the roll-out is not necessarily working very well).

In short, the CreateSpace world is going away, and all of your books will be transferring to KDP Print. KDP is a division of Amazon, and a few things will be changing. It’s not bad . . . just different (and a bit confusing).

Needless to say, things have gotten a bit crazy in the independent publishing arena, and we are having sporadic issues uploading ANY files into their system this week. Every mother and her 3rd and 4th brothers are rushing onto their CreateSpace Dashboard, causing their entire system to shut down. Our “code phrase” has become “expect additional delays.”

A few things to keep in mind:

  • We are in-process of moving our own published books into the new system this week. This will allow us to personally walk through the experience and familiarize ourselves with any potential hiccups or shortcuts.
  • We will keep you apprised of the process in our weekly e-news, which typically posts on Wednesdays.
  • If you are an author/client of ours, and your book is currently in-process with us, we will automatically take care of this transfer for you.
  • WE ARE HERE IF YOU NEED HELP. If you are not a client, or do not currently have a book in-process with us, we can still help. If you decide you want to hire us to guide you through this new process, please reach out to Cathy.

Here is a link to the CreateSpace/KDP info page. 

Here are two very good articles which may help you keep up with all of the changes (both include input from Amy Collins, whom we will be interviewing during our September 27th webcast — register HERE):

We are here to keep you informed and to
help make this transition easier for you.

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