Mini Books . . . MIGHTY Impact!

Non-fiction books for speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, and sales professionals.  

Become a published author at an easily affordable rate!

Smaller books are the new "calling card" for speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, and sales professionals. As a content powerhouse, your DynaMighty Mini Book is smaller (4x6” or 6.5x6.5"or 5x8”) — making them easy to customize, quick to read, and most importantly, AFFORDABLE. Publishing industry trends show that a smaller, printed book outsells the e-book and audiobook.

Not sure what to write about? Many of our authors re-use their existing content from blogs, social media, articles, or e-newsletters — our editors help you organize it, make sure it reads well, and even proofread the final version!

DynaMighty Mini Books help you . . .

  • Gain a sense of achievement upon completion
  • Acquire greater confidence when sharing your message with more people
  • Be the speaker/trainer who always offers MORE
  • Generate additional revenue by selling your DynaMighty Mini Books at events and from your website (gather those emails and create long-term relationships!)
  • Facilitate getting your book and message to your audience faster
  • Open the door to long-term relationship building
  • Increase your credibility ratio by being able to include a book with your next engagement
  • Be seen as the EXPERT you truly are
  • Promote your DynaMighty Mini Book as a synopsis of your larger book, containing more robust content
  • Replace handouts with a compact all-inclusive synopsis of your talk
  • Customize the front and back covers to more specifically target your next audience
  • Leave the audience with a concrete takeaway, leading them to want more
  • Offer your own bulk discounts for larger orders
  • Share real stories to support your message and help your audience relate to you better
  • Make getting in touch with you so much easier by including your contact info with EVERY book
  • Placed in each attendee’s seat, your DynaMighty Mini Book will get picked up before sitting down (helps to fill the front row seats!)
  • Create a series of DynaMighty Mini Books to generate interest in getting the "complete collection"

“I LOVED how easy they made the process!”

You've been thinking about writing a book . . . but might not be sure where to begin. Start with a DynaMighty Mini Book! The DynaMighty Mini Book is your chance to motivate the masses by sharing your Mission and Message . . . and we make the process easy for you!

“They answered all my questions . . .
even the ones I didn't even know to ask!”



  • Up to 4 hours with one of our professional editors
  • Up to 4 hours with one of our professional book designers
  • Approximately 100 pages or up to 30,000 words
  • Includes author-owned ISBN (at-cost pricing to author)
  • Includes free LCCN
  • Amazon Author Page and book listing; author training for purchasing books at cost
  • Final Copyright process

As a consultant, coach, mentor, therapist, physician, educator, or other professional service provider, a DynaMighty Mini Book helps you reach and engage a larger audience. If your business has you speaking in front of an audience, a DynaMighty Mini Book gets you remembered!

  • Establish Your Credibility
  • Inspire More People
  • Project a Professional Image
  • Develop Greater Visibility
  • Attract, Retain, and Solidify Your Client Base

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