The Flight of the Intentional Entrepreneur

This last decade has spawned a multitude of new business ventures — many starting as home-based businesses. Whether you were downsized, laid off, offered early retirement, or were a stay-at-home parent — at some point, you became an Intentional Entrepreneur when you decided you would rather start your own business than to work for someone else. Your motivation may have been financial (create an income), or philanthropic (offer a solution to a problem) — or both.

Intentional Entrepreneurs typically:

  • start businesses which allow them to align their passion and purpose in life
  • fall into the category of being “helpers and healers” — providing a service or product which supports the physical-, mental-, or financial-health of their community
  • include educators, therapists, life-coaches, mentors, trainers and a spectrum of professional service providers who share their passion in order to create a “Happy, Healthy, Heart-filled Planet”

For us, it all started in January of 2004, after I was downsized from my Creative Director position at a global financial institution. I had mixed feelings — a cross between panic and celebration. I guess in the back of my mind, I always expected to be a business owner — but I had no clue how to make that happen. Jack officially joined the “family business” when he was downsized in 2008 from his almost-twenty-year stint at a global PR firm. I remember the day we sat across the dining room table and INTENTIONALLY said, “Looks like we’ve started a business!” Together, on a daily basis, we continue to learn and grow . . . and eagerly share what we’ve learned along the way.

At Davis Creative, we help Intentional Entrepreneurs and small business owners learn to monetize their passion. If you are ready to Look Good, Get Noticed, and Gain More Clients (aka: make more $) — contact us here.

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