In the FLOW of Circulation and Celebration!

It’s a beautiful new day in St. Louis this morning!

August in STL is known to be fairly brutal. We typically see high humidity with temps in the 100’s. But, not this year. The (hopefully) “last blast” of Summer heat came in late July. We woke up this morning to low 60-degree temps, clear skies, a gently flowing Mississippi, and an awesome sunrise (photo courtesy of KSDK “live video” near Chain of Rocks bridge, north of STL).

We’ve had several days, this early August, where we were able to open the windows to let the cool, Autumn-like breezes flow throughout the house.

There is something about being able to “open up” and let the built-up stagnant energy flow OUT, giving room for more positive energy to take it’s place — literally and figuratively. Kind of like hitting the “REFRESH” button on the keyboard of life, to bring about a NEW FLOW of energy.

As the energy flow CIRCULATES more, I’ve started noticing a ripple effect . . .

  • I “hear” more . . . the breeze rustling through the trees, and the birds seem to be singing louder and more vigorously
  • I “see” more . . . a second hummingbird has shown up at our feeder — watching the dance of bird #1 (who is highly protective of his hanging buffet) as he/she dive-bombs the new visitor can be amusing, yet dangerous if you walk out the front door at the wrong time
  • I “interact” more . . .
    • neighbors are out walking/bicycling/catching up with other neighbors
    • neighbors knock on our door for a weekend “chat”
    • strangers giving me parking spaces and empty grocery carts
    • customer service reps freely suggesting solutions I had not even considered
    • stangers strike up conversations with me (yes, even MORE than usual)
  • I “release” more . . .
    • unwanted clutter: clearing out the basement of unwanted items we’ve not used (let alone seen) in years
    • unnecessary stress:  remembering to BREATHE and relax my jaw/neck/back/etc. when I recognize I’m “clinching again”
    • excess noise: silence and quite are ever-more important at the end of my day — allowing me to “re-center” myself

As I’ve opened up the windows to re-energize and refresh the air, and “open up” the spaces in our home and office, it has  simultaneously “opened up” an increased circulation in our business — and there is much to be thankful for these days . . .

  • Clients who had been “sitting” on projects have re-awakened and are moving forward toward completion (YAY!)
  • Exciting new business opportunities have been magically appearing (YAY!)
  • My days are longer, but go by even more quickly, as I eagerly respond to an increase in requests for proposals (YAY!)
  • Sharing our abundance of work with trusted “supporters”, training them for new responsibilities

If you’d like to have a conversation about increasing the circulation in YOUR business (and life in general), reach out to me here. I’d love to have you come join us in the FLOW!

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