Full Moons, Corner Saloons, and Creating Community.

Corner Saloons. Some of you also probably know that I grew up in the Midwest of the United States . . . around farmers, ranchers, oil rigs, and the open prairie. A few of these tiny Midwestern towns and communities now still thrive as suburbs of much larger urban areas which have since grown around them. This past weekend, I got to revisit one such community for a family event, and although many of our relatives and former retailers have moved away, the one community element still thriving was the corner saloon (bar). Most of these smaller towns still have a corner bar on just about every corner. It has evolved into the new “town square” . . . a consistent place to create community. Kind of like creating their very own “Cheers”. . . a place to go “where everybody knows your name”. And, yes, after the family event, many of us moved to the corner bar for lunch and continued to reminisce and celebrate the new communities we were creating in our lives today.

Creating Community. Experiencing the Full Moon and the Corner Saloon during the same weekend caused me to reflect on the type of community we help to build on a daily basis at Davis Creative.

You see, we help authors create brands and publish books which
connect people, create community and celebrate the sacred connections
in us all — no matter the diversity of our faith, race, nationality, or gender.

We turn down projects which create division, isolation, and separation.

It’s really that simple.


Our COMMUNITY MATTERS to us, so we recently came up with Seven Simple Seeds of Success to help describe our community of clients. If you are looking for a creative community for authors and small businesses and you identify with our Seven Seeds of Success, we’d love to have you join us.

Do you see yourself as . . .

  1. A Helper, Healer, or a How-to-Do-er?
  2. Determined to make a difference in the lives of others?
  3. Honest, ethical, and inspired to help others?
  4. Ready to be seen as the expert at what you do?
  5. Results-oriented and determined to succeed?
  6. A proponent of inclusion and diversity?
  7. Pleasant, happy, and fun to work with?

Then, to quote Bob Barker (for the over-50 crowd)
and Drew Carey (for the under-50 crowd) from
“The Price is Right . . . “COME ON DOWN”!

We can’t wait to share the power of publishing to help you
fulfill your mission, share your message, and create community.

Contact Cathy to learn more. 

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