The “Inner-gized” Entrepreneur

According to a study by UC-Santa Cruz, the U.S. economy shed more than 8 million jobs during the Great Recession of 2008-2009. The steepest decline since the end of World War II. Data showed, throughout the approximately 250 metropolitan areas examined in the study, higher local unemployment rates were tied to higher rates of entrepreneurship. The unemployed started more businesses than those who held a job.

Thus began the metamorphosis the Inner-gized Entrepreneur.

According to the same study, many of us were professionals in the corporate world. We were doing quite well, until circumstances beyond our control changed our lives. We found ourselves in the role of “entrepreneurial bread-winner” due to either corporate downsizing, early retirement, or an unexpected family illness (or a combination there-of). If you were over a certain age, looking for another job became problematic if you wanted to maintain your current level of income.

It was “time to start our own business” — we felt an “inner-calling” — we became INNER-GIZED. We took our experience, identified our passion, and mixed it all together with what we recognized as a need in our community. Our new business was born.

Inner-gized Entrepreneurs are  . . .

  • purpose driven
  • intent on helping others
  • motivated by challenge
  • typically don’t take “no” for an answer
  • always looking for solutions
  • see the glass as half full
  • recognize they are being lead by an internal compass
  • willing to learn how to “do it better”

Inner-gized Entrepreneurs are changing the world.

If you see yourself as an Inner-gized Entrepreneur, and would like to continue this conversation, feel free to reach out to Cathy . . .

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