Isle Do-It-Later

Complacency becomes the fog that obscures our hopes and dreams and convinces us that it is much easier to just DO-IT-LATER. As we settle into our complacency, we run the risk of convincing ourselves that all is well, yet bemoan others as we watch them sail on by.

Much was the story of Meryl. Her coaching business was doing “fine” . . . it kept her busy for about 10 hours a week and brought in added income for the family. Her youngest just graduated from high-school, was working full-time during the Summer, and was headed off to college in the Fall.

She was starting to feel the anxious nudge in the core of her chest again. She had been ignoring it for years, as it continued to get louder and more frequent. “When are you going to finish your book, Meryl?”, it would ask. She would always find something “more important” which needed her attention. Until now. She decided it was time to start taking care of Meryl and turn her attention to growing her business.

Meryl found the courage to reach out and ask us for help. We created a plan which included a complete brand update and we paired her with one of our professional writing coaches who helped her finish her book. Meryl now uses her book as a key personal growth tool in her private mastermind groups. Her business has doubled in the past year and she has a waiting list of people wanting to work with her one-on-one.

Meryl jumped off the ISLE of DO-IT-LATER, learned to believe in herself, and trusted others to help her raise her level of expectations for what she wanted to accomplish. Her confidence soared and her business followed suit.

What have you put aside that you would LOVE to be doing right NOW?

What can you now START that you have continued to postpone?

What would you be doing, if you knew you could not fail?

Maybe it’s time to hop off the ISLE of DO-IT-LATER.

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