Lurking, Looking, or Living?

I hear you want to write that book you’ve been thinking about the past few months (years, decades) . . .

I talk with hundreds of authors each year, and some are ready to jump right in and let us help them complete their book . . . others, not so much.

It pretty much boils down to three types of personalities:

1.     LURKING. These authors stay in the shadows or in the back of a room . . . almost as if they are hoping to be “found” by some major traditional publisher. If you are thinking about going the traditional publishing route, start tracking down an agent to help you navigate those waters. Lurking gets you nowhere. TAKE ACTION!

2.     LOOKING. If you find yourself continually saying things like, “I’m looking at all my options,” or “I’m looking for someone I can trust,” . . . you’re just stalling. Stop window-shopping. Go with your gut. Make a commitment. Pick up the phone, schedule phone calls, get to know your options. TAKE ACTION!

3.     LIVING. These authors are living their dream of being a published author. They’ve done their homework, reached out for more info, and asked us for help. Got questions? Ready for a conversation? Schedule a call with me HERE.

If you’d like to start Living Your Dream and learn more about your publishing options, take the first step by downloading our FREE “Know Your Publishing Options” handout. Learn whether you are cut out for Traditional, Hybrid, INDY, Vanity, or Author Assisted. DOWNLOAD HERE

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