PLAN for success.

Who doesn’t love the “Sweet Smell of Success”? I’ve never been too sure exactly what that aroma WAS, but have always been willing to experience it.

A recent article in the NY Times talks about Midwest Airlines and how the sense of SMELL has become a part of their BRAND. They actually BAKE COOKIES, mid-air, for their passengers. I can smell it now . . . mmmmmm . . . sugary, decadent morsels of feel-good comfort. Who doesn’t want to experience “comfort”? Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh-baked cookies? I’m guessing you, too, just might also be drooling right about now – at the mere mention of the “smell” of cookies baking. The sense of “smell” has become a part of the Midwest Airlines brand. We react to it, and we don’t even have to be sitting in one of their airplanes.

In a New York Times article, Midwest’s director of advertising and branding, James Reichart says, “What I remember most of all . . . was people talking about the aroma. In a closed space like an aircraft cabin . . . to have something as unexpected as the smell of baking cookies, was a real delight for everybody on board.”

It definitely makes me think about flying Midwest Airlines for my next trip (or cookie break).

Does your brand include a PLAN for success? 

What are you doing to differentiate yourself from your competition?

What “morsel of marketing madness” could be your next ticket to a successful brand?

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