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As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I can easily become overwhelmed with just trying to keep up with my day-to-day responsibilities. My business — and LIFE in general — keeps me moving at a fairly fast pace with a flurry of activities in support of our clients. If I’m not careful, I can easily over-think, over-commit and over-work myself to the point where my physical body begins to shut down. Throw in an unexpected “occurrence” (good or bad) and I’m immediately on overload.

Having been on the brink of overload many times over the years, I can now sense my body sending me messages asking me to “slow down”. And I better listen. If I ignore the little nudges, and wait too long to listen, my body takes command of the situation and knocks me flat – in bed – with a “bug” of some sort. The sooner I listen and begin precautionary measures (AKA: SLOW DOWN), the better the outcome.

Several years ago, I began calling this my “muddy water” nudge . . .

  • MUDDY WATER.  When I get super-busy, stirring up all kinds of craziness (stuck in the muck and the mud) — I’m usually working 10- to 12-hour days, accepting clients who are not my ideal tribe members, and setting unbelievable objectives for myself. A perfect storm which would scare any BODY into mutiny.
  • SITTING STILL. If I recognize my craziness early into this process, I’ve learned (the hard way) to STOP, step away from the chaos and go find a place to SIT still and do NO THING. Not ONE thing, nor TWO things . . . but NO THING.
  • GETS CLEAR. Just like when a glass of muddy water, left alone, will eventually sort the muck and mud to the bottom, “sitting still” allows me to regain my energy, my focus and my clarity.
Learning to take care of me first (and not feel guilty when I do) has been a challenge. Yet, when I operate with a well-rested body and a clear mind, I can better help my clients reach their objectives.

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