Passion + Purpose = Profits

Many of our clients fall into the category of “fearless entrepreneurs” who just happen to be “Creating a Happy, Healthy, Heart-filled Planet”. Be it financial health, physical health, mental health, social health . . . (you get the picture).

As entrepreneurs, educators, C-level executives, MBAa, MDs, PhDs and a sundry selection of top-notch speakers and consultants — they have all found a way to honor the passion that drives them, coupled with a need to share it with the world, ultimately leading them down the path to profits.

In addition, I’ve noticed quite a few of these same clients originated from “Corporate America” . . . hit burnout or were downsized . . . took a leap of faith . . . and started their own business. With experience as their brain-trust, they decided to follow their passion and do something they’ve always wanted to try — run their own business. They found a way to turn their Passion + Purpose into Profits.

Most people cringe at the idea of leaving behind a well-paying job “with benefits” and taking that leap of faith without some sort of “incentive” to make a change. “Change” or the incentive to “make a move” away from the secure world of a steady paycheck typically comes in one of three ways:

  • SHOCK (also known as the “brick-upside-the-head”) . . . comes in the form of a downsizing, or a health scare, or a car accident, etc.
  • OPPORTUNITY. . . perhaps a new job offer, an inheritance, winning the lottery, etc.
  • GROWTH . . . a personal realization that you are no longer happy doing what you get paid for and would MUCH rather be doing something else — sometimes ANYTHING else

Author Martha Beck talks about how this “growth spurt” occurs in a lot of people at midlife. We tend to be more comfortable with who we are, and are more willing to “buck the trend” of what we’re “expected to do” (per family, peers, co-workers). We also start paying more attention to our own internal compass — something Martha calls “compass vs. culture”. Our inner compass becomes more important as we begin to experience burnout or dissatisfaction, and we are more likely to be willing to discount our “up-until-now” culture messages.

SO . . . what would YOU be doing if you listened to your internal compass and followed your passion . . . ?

(cartoon via Hugh McLeod,

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