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Ordinary women who overcome extraordinary circumstances are intrinsically magical and belong to a special sisterhood. As we learn to quiet our own negative self-talk, we master the battle of self-sabotage, empowering ourselves to rediscover and reignite our inherent self-worth.

We GO through our struggles to GROW through our struggles.

It’s time to embrace your journey, share your story, and let your voice be heard. As we share our stories of handling life’s unexpected twists and turns, we transform the lives of readers around the world. Someone, somewhere, will read our imperfect stories and find the courage to bust through their own invisible barriers, and in doing so, will find the most perfect version of themselves they have ever dreamed possible.


“What would I write about?!”
Our Writing Coach helps you every step of the way as you share how you encountered obstacles, overcame adversity despite the odds, and forged your own path forward, to become well-respected in your community — AND most importantly, learned to respect yourself.

Navigating the workplace, family, and self-care can be daunting and stressful — let alone overwhelming. Yet, YOU are the one who found a way around (or through!) the roadblocks rather than letting them get the best of you.

Here’s your chance to be a BESTSELLING AUTHOR
at 1/10 the price of producing a solo book of your own!


“What’s included?”

  • Experience the power of publishing with a professional, international publishing team
  • Amazon Bestseller Campaign (guaranteed!)
  • Introduce yourself to each of your co-authors, with the potential of being introduced to their contact list
  • Expand your email database of potential patients/clients/customers by
    adding your contact info at the back of your bio (live links in e-book!)
  • Access the private FaceBook group for sharing program updates, news, and announcements
  • Create new, highly-vetted connections via the private Facebook group
    with the other authors and event organizers
  • Participate in the pre- and post-launch social media efforts using
    your personalized custom social media memes (provided)
  • Utilize the provided professionally-written marketing copy blurbs
    for promoting your chapter and your book
  • Receive a high-resolution PDF of your chapter with the professional cover
    to use as a lead-generator/free giveaway (post campaign)
  • Access reduced-rate author book pricing; sell copies of your book for profit
  • Create a global impact via 40,000+ distribution points, including Amazon
  • Retain the copyright of your own words and chapter
  • October 5th / 2023 Fall publication date — in time for the Holidays!



Your reservation date determines the sequence of your chapter in the book.


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