Smoke and Mirrors?

I vividly remember sitting in the back seat of my grandmother’s baby-blue Studebaker as she made a U-turn in the middle of a highway to avoid the smoke and find another safe, clear path to our destination.


Growing up in Oklahoma, it was a common sight to see signs like the one above on highways, “DO NOT DRIVE THRU SMOKE.” Add fire to rambling tumbleweed, blurred by the billowing smoke of a prairie fire . . . and driving through smoke could be quite dangerous.

Fast-forward a few decades, and much like the Wild, Wild West of my childhood, today’s world of self-publishing can be just as dangerous and smoke-filled as those prairie grass fires. It can very much be a buyer-beware, smoke-filled highway.

Just about anyone, who has ever self-published a book, now calls themselves a “publisher”. So, would you rather work with someone who has published ONE book . . . or a team who has published HUNDREDS?

Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Professional

The company . . .

  • provides multi-faceted expertise in publishing, branding, target-audience identification, design, messaging, pricing and distribution
  • employs veteran marketing professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable in book writing, book design, branding, publishing, and the marketing of small-business services
  • aligns itself with expert resources for social media, websites, public relations, digital marketing, Amazon Bestseller Campaigns, etc.
  • offers bundled packages and programs for maximizing an author’s investment

The project management team . . .

  • exhibits a depth of knowledge of the publishing process and top industry standards; answers those questions you are not even aware to be asking
  • creates client relationships built upon the mentor/student model of trust, patience and willingness to share expertise
  • freely shares process details, establishes goals, and manages time-lines to meet your deadlines

Your completed book will . . .

  • rival those produced by the top 5 traditional publishers
  • reflect professional best-practice industry recommendations
  • be customized to meet your specific author platform, to better position yourself in your market

So, how do you protect yourself from getting “burned”?

Hire us.

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