Stand Up. Stand Out. Get Noticed.

Be Memorable.

As consumers, we tend to be visually-oriented. We seek out our favorite grocery store brands by the label on the container.  Whether it is Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb, we search for our favorite label. The same is true for wanting to do business with our “favorites”. The trick for business owners is to be MEMORABLE – to become your consumers’ “favorite” and be “top of mind”.

Be Visible.

Be “top of mind” by being recognizable. Experimental psychologists and educators have found that retention of visual information is six times greater, three days after a meeting, when accompanied by a strong visual and oral impression, than when the information is presented by the spoken word alone.

Studies suggest that three days after someone meets you, they will retain:

  • 10% of what they HEAR
  • 35% of what they SEE
  • 65% of what they HEAR & SEE

You create a greater impact when combining both a compelling verbal message AND a strong visual impression. You can introduce yourself to 100 new people a day, but without a strong visual impact, your personal first-impression may leave your potential customer shortly after your potential customer leaves you. Retain your audience far more effectively with a strong visual brand identity and continue to establish a lasting impression long after your initial introduction.

A strong, consistent visual brand identity helps to:

  • create a distinct identity / market position
  • project a professional, innovative image
  • develop greater visibility for your business
  • distinguish yourself from your competition
  • attract, retain and solidify your customer base

How do you get noticed? 

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