The greatest compliment we can receive is your repeat business.

Several of our clients are on their 3rdand 4thbooks with us.

“People are amazed when we tell them we are self-published. The books you design for us look like they have been produced by a traditional publisher!” 

The second greatest compliment we can receive is your referral to a new client!

Our goal is to keep GIVING more than what is expected, which keeps our clients happy, which in turn leads to more referrals!

“I loved what you did for Sara SO MUCH, I had to hire you to help me write my own book!”

SO, as our THANK YOU to our happy clients, we’ve decided to update the endorsements on our website, and we’d love to include YOURS (with a link to your website)!

Here is a sampling of a few of the endorsements currently scrolling on our home page:

“Thank you for being on the team . . . with much love and thanks!” Martha Beck

 “As a first-time author, and a novice self-publisher, I felt fortunate to have found Davis Creative.  Cathy and Jack Davis provided a thorough checklist of the materials I needed to provide and the steps I needed to take, patiently answered all my questions, set up my accounts with the vendors, and provided important strategic guidance that helped me optimize the book launch. Quality, experience, integrity, accessibility. If I do this again, I’ll want Cathy and Jack on my team again.”  Joe Castellano

“I’m truly thankful for your hard work, and help, in getting my book project off the ground, and in such an amazing and lovely way.” Tyron Barrington

“Working with Davis Creative was undoubtedly one of the best parts of writing and publishing my first book. Their insight, guidance, professionalism, and support vastly exceeded my expectations. I was thrilled with the quality and variety of the design options given to me.  I greatly appreciated their extensive knowledge and experience in this industry. They patiently led me through what can be a daunting and complicated process. The personal attention, timeliness, clarity, and outstanding customer service on top of the fantastic creativity and innovation make Davis Creative the best, in my book.”  Jill Farmer

We’d LOVE to include your endorsement and have it scroll along with these on our home page.

CLICK HERE to share your thoughts with us . . . we’ll get your endorsement added right away!

CLICK HERE to learn more about our REFERRAL PROGRAM and how you can benefit from your referrals!

As always, THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

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