Sometimes I type too fast. Probably because I think too fast. I guess my fingers are just trying to keep pace with my brain. Add in the element of spell-check, and pretty-soon, I lose control over what I’m typing.

Strange words appear as I’m typing and I’ve come to accept these words as “messages” . . . you know . . . from guardian angels . . . mystical guides . . . or aliens. (You pick.) Quite often, I don’t notice these messages until I’m further down the page and stop long enough to re-read what I’ve written.

So, today’s word, which showed up out of nowhere, was BLUNDERIES. The word I originally intended to use was, “boundaries.” I’m fascinated by the word, BLUNDERIES, so it causes me to pause and wonder, “What just might be the definition of BLUNDERIES?”
To “blunder” is to commit a faux pas, to fumble, or to make one’s way clumsily or blindly. Perhaps BLUNDERIES is a merely a flurry of blunders as in, “I have the BLUNDERIES today” . . . an ongoing series of blunders, seemingly completely out of one’s control.


Nobody likes it when you are in the middle of the BLUNDERIES. Some blame the full moon, some blame Mercury going retrograde . . . others blame themselves. If you’ve ever been smack-dab in the middle of the BLUNDERIES, you would know, and you would be VERY grateful to find your way out of them.
You know it’s coming.
How is she going to tie this
in with Davis Creative?

We help you navigate
your way out of the


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