The COLOR Talk.

Conscious Color Choices.

Ultimately, when developing a new brand for our clients, we have the “color” talk. Whether designing a new logo, website graphics, store signage or collateral marketing materials, we find ourselves in the role of “Color Psychologist”. The colors you choose to represent you and your business are vital in crafting the response you want from your consumer.

Color Defines Us.
What does color say about your business? 

The success of your brand logo lies in a cohesive combination of fonts, shapes, symbols and colors.
Color helps to define the ultimate emotional message and long-term recognition of your brand.

  • Think “Coca-Cola”, and you see RED.
  • Think “AT&T”, and you see BLUE.
  • Think “John Deere” and you see GREEN.
  • Think “Home Depot” and you see ORANGE.

4 Steps for Choosing Your Color Identity:
Appropriate color choices serve to reinforce and embed your brand image in the marketplace.

Just because you love the color red does not necessarily mean that it is the best choice for your business identity. Consider these four essential elements of choosing colors for your business identity:

  1. Research your competition. Differentiating your brand is vital to creating an independent, successful identity.
  2. Reflect your purpose. Know your company’s mission, vision and values and let that come through in your visual, verbal and virtual message.
  3. Consider your audience. Consumers react subliminally to line, shape and color – be aware of what you want your brand to say about your business.
  4. Know your color psychology. Let color define the emotional connection between your business and your consumer.

Emotional vs. Rational Purchasing.
As consumers, we make most purchases based upon perception, not logic. 

As much as 95% of our shopping decisions are dictated by our subconscious. Conversely, only 5% of decision-making is rational. If most decision-making is intuitive and emotional, the appropriateness and first impression of color is critical.

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