The Super Hero Magic of Tinker Bell

During a networking event last week we were given an “ice breaker” conversation starter of, “What super hero would you like to be and why?”

I met plenty of people claiming Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Batman, and Superman . . . but oddly enough, I was the only one who claimed “Tinker Bell.”

As a small child, that was one of the nicknames my Mother and older siblings would call me. What I knew at an early age was that Tinker Bell could fly, sprinkle magic fairy dust with her wand, and make people happy. That sounded like a pretty good gig to me.

As I got older I learned, as a “Tinker,” it was also her job to “fix” things. Isn’t that what super heroes do?

Kind of sounds pretty much like what I do now!

Clients call us with their problems and we “fix it”!

Our clients are referred to us when they want the best . . . and we introduce them to our M.A.G.I.C.!

  • M = MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION. They want their book to reflect the same level of quality as does the rest of their brand.
  • A = ATTRACT THE FINEST. As small business owners, they want to attract new, highly-qualified clients who are eager to work with them.
  • G = GO FOR THE GOLD (fairy dust). They won’t settle for less, and they expect the best.
  • I = INTENTION. They intend to succeed and more often than not, THEY DO!
  • C = EAT THE CAKE AND THE ICING TOO! They have worked hard to establish themselves as an expert, and having a book to showcase their knowledge is the “icing on the cake.”

As one new client recently mentioned . . .

“I wanted to work with the best , so I asked around.
Everyone I spoke with told me I needed to work with you!”


No matter where you are in the process of writing or publishing your book, we can help.

We even have a magic wand . . . we share our magic fairy dust . . . we make our clients happy . . . and we fix things!

It’s a pretty good gig!

Ready to join us?
Give me a call.

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