Top 5 Reasons Small Business Owners Need to Write a Book

  1. Expand your reach beyond your current city/state/region/country.  If you want to expand your business beyond its current reach, a published book gives you a national platform. Today’s technology allows you to help clients around the corner, AND around the world.
  2. Solidify your brand with a professionally-produced book. Your book is one component of a strong brand, and if not done correctly, can backfire. If your book looks or reads as if written by a 5th grader (no offense meant to 5th graders) or comes across in ANY way as unprofessional, you automatically diminish the positive impact of your brand. Writing a BAD book is worse than not writing one at all.
  3. Increase Your Trust-ability. People buy from those whom they trust. Reading your professionally-written and designed book is the next best thing to meeting you in person. Your book allows someone to get to know you better and helps to create relationships beyond your current networking circles.
  4. Become a recognized AUTHOR-ity and establish/expand your credibility. There is no coincidence that AUTHOR is the root-word of AUTHORITY. If you are a professional service provider (accountant, financial service rep, lawyer, life coach, therapist, etc.) you get instant expertise status when you write a book and are immediately seen as the expert you truly are.
  5. Expand or create a movement. You’ve built your business by following your PASSION, aligning your PURPOSE, and aiming for those PROFITS. Whether you are FOR profit, or NON-profit, helping others is your mission. Writing a book to highlight your passion is the best way to call attention to your specific movement, enlist the interest of others, and motivate the masses to support you on your journey to helping others.

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