Ready, Connect, Grow!

LOOK GOOD, GET NOTICED, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS through the power of your connections!

If the last few years have left you wondering, “What’s Next?!” with your business, NOW is the time to nurture the referral relationships you have, expand your network, and make plans for business growth.

Maximize Your Impact and Reduce Expenses Through Collaboration

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, but not sure where to start, start with ONE CHAPTER in our next Anthology. An Anthology is simply a collaboration — a collection of short essays written by different authors on one topic.

Join the “Ready, Connect Grow” anthology at 1/10th the cost of publishing your own individual book—AND you’ll get to claim “Bestselling Author” on your list of credentials!

EXPAND YOUR NETWORK! It's been said that we each know at least 2,500 people—including family, friends, colleagues, and social media connections. Multiply that by 30-40 authors in one book and your exposure to new connections easily EXPLODES into 6 figures!

INCLUDES AUDIO BOOK! Take advantage of the latest reading trend . . . audio book sales have increased 13% (while e-books dropped 13% in sales) during the past two years! The “Ready, Connect Grow” Anthology Sponsor, Connie Whitman, has pulled together an AMAZING program—including paperback, e-book, AUDIO BOOK . . . and more!

Ready to work with a professional publishing team and showcase your business?

Join us!


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